With the UK’s immigration situation growing ever more complex, Rishi Sunak is facing a daunting challenge in finding an effective immigration policy. Migration to the country has soared, with a record 504,000 people in the year to June. Meanwhile, businesses are finding themselves struggling due to an increasing lack of workers and they’re urging government officials for extra visas so overseas employees can fill positions.

It will be fascinating to observe how immigration regulations evolve in response to new developments, and what impact this may have on international students and people with work visas.

Immigration Affects on the Work Visa

Despite a tough stance on immigration by some government officials, there is still an undeniable need for foreign personnel in Britain. To meet this demand and keep businesses running smoothly, the only viable option remains to look overseas or at least until the short- to medium-term situation changes.

If you’re a professional from India, the UK may be your ticket to success! High and medium-skilled workers can take advantage of this opportunity in Britain to have a good chance of successfully gaining a work visa.

Yash Dubal – Visa Expert and Director – A Y & J Solicitors, UK

Indian nationals continued to dominate in 2022 with a total of 103,000 Work visas from the UK which is a staggering increase of 148% over the previous year. They alone accounted for 46% of all skilled workers given visas globally.

Targeting Foreign Students

With work visas becoming increasingly stringent, the only way to control immigration numbers is by limiting foreign students from entering the UK.

In the upcoming year, it’s looking likely that UK regulations on student visas will become more conservative. Furthermore, restrictions may be placed on student dependants visas.

Yash Dubal

Dubal also shed light on the reasons behind the current spike in immigration to the UK, noting that more and more dependents are coming over with their family members who hold student visas. Sunak wants to target these types.

Urge to Reduce Migration in the UK

New figures from the British Office for National Statistics (ONS) highlight a surge in net migration to 504,000 during the year to June 2022. Despite Brexit, the UK has seen record numbers of migrants entering last year. The majority came from outside of Europe and exceeded previous figures pre-Brexit significantly.

Immigration to the UK experienced a significant jump, increasing by 435,000 – amounting to 1.1 million long-term immigrants arriving across the year period. More than any other nationality, EU citizens chose to leave Britain in large numbers.

Immigration to the UK saw a dramatic increase of 138,000 with three newly introduced visa schemes – covering Ukrainians, Afghans and Hong Kong British nationals. Students too have been attracted in large numbers to Britain’s shores for further study opportunities.

This week, the release of UK migration figures caused a stir. Pressure mounted on the ruling Conservative Party to fulfil its manifesto pledge from 2019 – reduce immigration levels into Britain.”