Refugee law in the UK

What is the legal definition of a refugee? What level of danger or suffering is necessary before a person qualifies as a refugee? Can victims of non state violence, for example victims of ISIL, qualify for refugee status? Do refugees need to claim asylum in the first safe country through which they pass? How do decision makers judge whether an asylum seeker is telling the truth? Can war criminals qualify for refugee status? Find out with this ebook.

The 1951 UN Convention on the Status of Refugees is said to be the legal instrument that has saved the most lives in human history. It is a hugely important convention and understanding its terms and how it operates in practice in the refugee status determination process is, inevitably, critically important for any lawyer practicing in refugee and asylum law.

Refugee law in the UK is an accessible and practical guide to the meaning of the refugee definition. It is full of hints and tips, links to sources and further information, case law quotations, useful material on how the refugee definition operates in practice in the UK, common arguments, scenarios and examples. The last part of the ebook examines the cessation, exclusion and refoulement clauses of the convention.

The contents page and first few pages are available to download by clicking the cover image to the right.

The ebook will be useful to practitioners and students of refugee law.