Recruiting teachers from abroad requires careful thought and planning. To ensure successful recruit teachers, make sure to follow these critical steps so that both the school and its new employees meet all applicable requirements!

Rules on Visas and Immigration

Those looking to teach in the UK who come from outside the United Kingdom must have a visa or other immigration status permitting them to work here. This requirement applies even to those joining us from within Europe, including EU countries and Switzerland. Applicants already have the right to work in the United Kingdom if they:

  • Irish Citizens
  • Settled or Pre-Settled Status under the EU Settlement Scheme
  • Indefinite Leave to Remain in the UK
  • Skilled Worker Visa (For that will need an employer-sponsored visa, as most others do. The sponsor can be either a school, local authority or academy trust and they must possess a ‘worker licence’ – often referred to as an ’employer licence’.)

Not sure if your school or organisation is already a licensed worker sponsor? Check the register of Licensed Sponsors to find out. If you’re not registered, no problem! You have two options: apply to become a Sponsor or recruit applicants who don’t require sponsorship.

How to Become a Licensed Worker Sponsor

Becoming a licensed worker sponsor in the UK requires employers to go through an involved process. From understanding visas and sponsorship requirements to completing the necessary paperwork and a few steps. Let’s see what you need to become a successfully licensed worker sponsor today.

  • Suitable to be a Sponsor
  • Supporting Documents
  • Appoint a Staff Member to Manage the Sponsorship Process
  • Meet Responsibilities as a Licensed Sponsor
  • Pay Licence Fees

If you have any of the following visa or immigration statuses, you are free to apply and no sponsorship is required!

Graduate visa

International students who have studied in the UK can take advantage of a graduate visa, allowing them to remain and work following graduation. To be eligible for the visa, students must have had a Home Office licensed sponsor throughout their studies. After completing their studies, the graduate visa offers a period of up to two years for graduates and three years for doctorate holders to explore career opportunities in the United Kingdom without relying on any kind of sponsor. This includes

  • Training to Teach on a Salaried Course
  • Working as a Teacher

For graduate students in the UK, a smooth transition to stay and work can be possible. With the right qualifications, they are able to switch from their postgraduate visa to another type of visa – such as skilled workers – without having to leave the country.

High-Potential Individual Visa

If you’re looking to fulfill the requirements of a high-potential individual visa, here’s what it required:

  • Bachelor’s/Master’s/PhD Degree from a University amongst the Global Universities List
  • English Language Skills
  • No more than 5 Years since Awarded their Qualification
  • Pass a Security & Criminality Check
  • Personal Funds of £1,270

Individuals with bachelor’s and master’s degrees can obtain a two-year visa, while those who hold PhD qualifications may stay in the UK for an extended period of three years without a offer.

Youth Mobility Scheme Visa

The UK’s youth mobility scheme is a valuable opportunity for ambitious youngsters from specific countries to explore their potential. It gives them the chance to study or work in Britain without having an educational institution, employer or any other sponsor behind them – including working as teachers! Young people from around the world can take advantage of a special visa lasting up to two years. It’s even possible for holders to extend their stay in the UK by converting their youth mobility scheme visa into another valid type, such as a skilled worker one and all without having to leave!

UK Ancestry, Family & British National (Overseas) Visas

No sponsorship needed for applicants with these types of visas:

  • British National (Overseas) Visa
  • UK Ancestry Visa
  • Family Visa


Dependents of those with a student visa or skilled worker visa in the UK have been granted automatic permission to live, work and remain there for as long as their partner’s or parent’s visas are valid. This is an unprecedented opportunity providing flexibility and freedom.