The UK Home Office has recently released a revised set of guidance for employers, introducing changes to the start dates policy and sponsor reporting system as well as adding an immigration skills charge and revising the non-visa national list.

Changes to Start Dates and Sponsor Reporting

In November 2022, the Home Office made important revisions to its Sponsor Guidance for those employing Worker and Temporary Workers from overseas. This update is essential for any business employing Temporary worker or Worker migrants to ensure continued compliance.

Starting in your sponsored UK employment is now possible as soon you receive approval to enter and stay there – no need to wait until the start date specified on your certificate of sponsorship. Employers no longer need to worry about filing a certificate of sponsorship with the government, as long an employee’s start date is within 28 days of what was originally specified! This makes it easier and faster than ever for employers to hire new talent.

Individuals must begin their sponsored work within four weeks of the start date outlined in their certificate. Employers now have the opportunity to extend their sponsorship of a migrant worker notwithstanding any unexpected delays caused by external factors beyond 28 days. An acceptable excuse must be provided in instances where the delay exceeds 28 days, allowing employers and employees alike some flexibility when needed most!

Examples of acceptable reasons for a delay:

  • Travel disruptions due to a pandemic, military conflict or natural disaster
  • Delays in the worker being able to obtain an exit visa from their country
  • The worker is required to figure out a legally binding notification period for a past manager
  • Illness or any other compelling personal or family circumstances

Every case is unique, and the Home Office will evaluate each separately in order to determine individual eligibility.

Global Business Mobility: Senior or Specialist Worker

Employers now have an exemption from the immigration skills charge when utilizing the Global Business Mobility: Senior or Specialist Worker route, effective January 1st 2023. This exciting new development ensures employers will be able to better access skilled workers with global expertise!

UK employers now have the chance to take advantage of an exemption that allows them to sponsor EU nationals and Latvian non-citizens for up to 36 months if they’re part of a business group based within the European Union. This could be beneficial for companies looking at international expansion within their own organisation’s network!

While EU nationals may benefit from this exemption, individuals of European Economic Area countries like Norway, Iceland, Switzerland and Liechtenstein are not included in the policy.

Companies of all sizes can enjoy tremendous savings thanks to a sponsorship exemption, with large organisations slashing up to £1000 from their yearly costs and small or charity-based firms reducing expenses by as much as £364. Sponsorships can be exempt from certain obligations for a limited time of up to three years.

UK employers wishing to benefit from the exemption offered by adding their European entities may need special guidance. Seek support today and incorporate your international operations into a smooth UK sponsorship licence process!

Updates to Non-Visa National List

November 2022 ushered in exciting news for citizens of Colombia, Guyana, and Peru; the UK Home Office added them to its non-visa national list. This means that nationals from these countries are now able explore Britain’s wonders without a visa – perfect timing for holiday excursions or business trips!