The Home Office has allowed the mother and baby to return to Britain. The boy, born in Jamaica but had lived on another Caribbean island before coming over here as an infant with his family when they were granted asylum status – will finally be able to enjoy some much-needed British culture!

Tiffany Ellis, 28, with her baby son, Xien Ellis.
Tiffany Ellis, 28, with her baby son, Xien Ellis. (Source:

The Home Office granted the baby’s visa and informed his mother that it was ready for immediate collection just 24 hours after she published an article about him in The Guardian.

When a Home Office official called to inform Ellis that her baby could immediately receive their visa, she lay on the floor and wept with joy.

“I called my husband who was at work to tell him the news and he cried too. The decision from the Home Office is long overdue. I will get the first flight home that I can. I can’t wait to hug my husband and my daughter.”

When Tiffany went to Jamaica with her partner, 38-year-old Zarren Ellis, and their five-year-old daughter Xianna in January 2020; they were delayed by a Covid lockdown that followed soon after. The condition caused by hyperemesis gravidarum— severe vomiting which made it difficult for the 28-year-old woman to leave home -kept them from coming back to the UK until recently where both are now happy again living life together as husband + wife!

It’s been a long journey for Tiffany and Xien, who were finally able to bring their new baby home from Jamaica after being denied multiple times by the Home Office. The officials stated that they “currently live” in England but it seems like this isn’t enough anymore because of all those hours spent on planes or trains just trying to get here – what will happen next?

Officials wrote that the decision was “justified by the need to maintain an effective immigration and border control” and would not have “unjustifiably harsh consequences”.