As of 28 November, in order to apply for a UK visa, all customers must make their UK Visa Payment online on the official website of the British government. It has been announced that before submitting their biometrics and passport at the designated Visa Application Centre payment must be submitted.

Press Release

In a move that will likely increase convenience for visa applicants, the UK Visa and Immigration Office has announced it is moving all UK Visa Payments online. Currently, customers can submit their fees via cash at the Visa Application Centre or online on the official UK government website.

The United Kingdom remains a popular choice for those wishing to study, work or just visit. The number of visas issued to Bangladeshi nationals has increased by 84% over the past year. 24,400 people were given this authorization in ending June 2022 which is an indication that more people wish to visit Britain!

Robert Chatterton Dickson – British High Commissioner to Bangladesh

The digitisation drive in Bangladesh has been one of the most impressive ongoing developments within this year’s industry. By adopting this digital approach, the government is now mandating that all visas be processed digitally and streamlining the UK visa payment process for all applicants.

UK Visas and Immigration is very sorry for any inconvenience caused by the recent issues with their website. They are working hard to get things back up and running as quickly, efficiently & smoothly as possible! It also encourages Visa applicants to ensure that they have the correct payment method available before starting their visa application.

Customers who wish to cancel or withdraw their application can do so on the UK government’s official website. Customers may be refunded the application fee depending on how far along they are before cancelling their subscription.