Despite the recent worries that getting a student visa in Britain may become more challenging starting in 2023, there are ways for students to transition their student visas into skilled work visas even before completing their graduation.

The UK Government has taken a positive step towards creating an inviting environment for international students. By removing barriers which previously prevented them from staying in the country.

Yash Dubal (Visa & Immigration Specialist) – Director at A Y & J Solicitors

Traditionally, the route to success for students was obtaining a degree-level qualification. However, Dubal has recognized that valuable skills and experience can be gained from other sources – making academic qualifications an ‘unnecessary hurdle’.

With the new rule, international students will receive many more opportunities to pursue their educational goals in the UK. This advancement is a powerful way of attracting and keeping talented people around Britain’s borders!

Dubal’s Comment

By removing the degree-level qualification requirement, this initiative positions the UK as a destination for top global talent by living up to its promise of recruiting exceptional individuals from around the world.

The Skilled Worker Visa is becoming easier to obtain, allowing talented individuals from all walks of live the opportunity to share their skills and talent with the UK. This extended access will surely provide a beneficial boost for Britain’s economy. By welcoming talent from around the world, the UK could foster a unique atmosphere of innovation and growth.

This change is an optimistic step forward, aiming to make a lasting impact on the lives of international students studying in the UK. Employers and citizens are eagerly awaiting its promising effects on both the economy and society as a whole.

Rishi Sunak Government Plan

Last month, the Rishi Sunak government revealed an ambitious plan to curb record-breaking net migration. After attaining a new peak in June, officials are preparing measures that will enable them to manage this population surge and ensure Britain’s long-term economic stability.

Newly released figures from the British Office for National Statistics (ONS) reveal a record high of 504,000 net migrants to the UK in just one year. This figure is higher than it was prior to Brexit – and non-EU countries are providing most of Britain’s new arrivals.

With an impressive 435,000 boost from the year before, 1.1 million immigrants have arrived in Britain over a defined period of time – with EU nationals making up the majority of leavers. Three additional visa pathways recently opened in the UK, granting entrance to Ukrainians, Afghans and Hong Kong British nationals together added around 138,000 to the number of arrivals. Additionally, an influx of students has contributed further to immigration levels within Great Britain’s borders.