The British High Commission on India has issued an advisory for Indian students planning to study in the UK. The ambassador says that they are trying once again, this time with greater ambitions than last year’s attempt at breaking records which led them into releasing new guidelines aimed towards making it easier to navigate through processes and obtain visas more quickly.”

Alex Ellis, the UK’s ambassador to India has announced that priority and super-priority visas are now available for Indian students aiming on applying next academic session in the United Kingdom. According to him, this will be an exceptionally good opportunity as it represents over 15% of all international student applications from everywhere across the Asia Pacific region.

“I want you all to apply as early and correctly with the right documents,” Ellis said in his video message. He recommended that students submit their applications soon, adding “make sure this time around there is no mistake.”

UK Student visa- Documents required

Here is the list of documents required to apply for the UK students visa

  • Offer letter from University

In order to continue with your studies in the UK, you will need a reference number from CAS. This can only be obtained after applying for a visa and waiting at least six months after receiving it before entering another country’s borders as an international student!

  • TB certificate

If you plan on living in the UK for more than 6 months, then it is essential that not only do your lungs pass tuberculosis tests but also chest X-rays.

The government recommends all visitors undergo this screening process due to how deadly TB bacteria can be!

  • Proof of funding

Loans from the government, a loan company run by your country’s national banks or financial institutions, and regulated schemes such as UKISS (Universities and Colleges Funding Scheme) can all be used to fund studies in England. Any funds you receive will either come directly through one of these sources like loans given out with no co-borrower required; they may also come via scholarships that require an application process for approval which involves filling out forms revealing information about yourself – this includes personal details like bank account numbers where any awarded money is sent once confirmation has been made available online via student union sites at most universities/colleges .

What is Priority, Super Priority Visa?

The UK has opened a new ser

vice for students interested in coming to Britain and taking up studies. This is the Priority Visa Service, which includes additional costs but offers faster processing times as well as increased chances of getting accepted into your desired program or university course load!

According to the UK government, “If you verify your identity at a visa application center and the service is available in the country you’re applying from, you can choose the ‘priority service’ when you apply. There will be an additional cost for this service.”

The student visa service right now has a turnaround period of 15 days to 3 weeks if the applicant attended their appointment at an application center or applied online.