India is now the largest nationality being issued sponsored study visas in the UK.

The number of Indian students applying for a visa to study in the UK has increased dramatically over recent years, with nearly 118,000 receiving it last year. This is an 89% increase from before and makes them now at least twice as many people who applied under Chinese sponsorship!

The UK has always been a popular destination for Indian holidaymakers. The number of Visitor visas granted to Indians continues this trend, accounting for 28% of all such grants in the year ending June 2022 – almost twice as many compared with last time around! More than 258,000 individuals received visitor status during that period- an increase of 630%.

The increase in skilled workers from India is striking. Over the last year, more than 100,000 Indian nationals were granted work visas worldwide – a 148% rise over previous years’ populations on this list! The top country receiving these special visa classes are still mostly populated by those wishing to enter as engineers or scientists; however, there has been an infiltration into other fields such as medical professionals (15%) and teachers at international schools/ colleges which offer higher salaries than their domestic counterparts typically would earn back home.

Alex Ellis, British High Commissioner to India, said:

India first again. I’m delighted that Indian nationals were issued the largest number of UK study, work and visitor visas in the year ending June 2022. More strength to the unique living bridge that connects our people.

As this shows, we’re experiencing unprecedented demand for visas. I encourage students starting courses soon to apply as early as possible.