Suella Braverman (Home Secretary) told the Tory conference that she wants to reduce the immigration number.

The United Kingdom is likely to introduce a cap on the number of dependents; international students can bring with them when they move there as an exchange or study abroad.

The chances of the cap are higher as on Sunday Cabinet Office Minister Nadhim Zahawi joined Home Secretary Suella Braverman to protest against the recent rise in dependent visas granted.

United Kingdom Home Office Shows Increase in Dependent Visas

The UK Home Office data shows that over the past 2 years, there has been an increase in dependents, international students can bring into this country. In 2019, the number was 13,664 which has now increased to 81,089 by June 2022.

The rise in the number of international students has been a great benefit for universities and their communities. But this also means that there will be more dependents than ever before which is the main cause for concern.

He further said that it is expected for international students coming to study at postgraduate level will bring their spouse with them whereas those who are studying towards a PhD degree will bring their child and spouse with them. However their are some people who exceeded this limit by bringing 5-6 people.

Zahawi said to Sky News

She wants to reduce the number of international students coming into her country by stopping those who are entering ‘sub-standard’ courses.

Braverman – Told the Tory Conference

What is a Dependents Visa?

It’s specifically designed for spouses and minor children of students enrolled in PhD or Postgraduate courses in the United Kingdom.

The number of hours that international students can work per week varies depending on their semesters. International students are eligible to work 20 Hours/Week during semesters and 40 Hours/Week during semester breaks, meanwhile dependents may be able to enjoy full-time employment.

International Students Confused over Post Study Work (PSW)

A Post Study Work (PSW) Visa is an important option for international students who are currently in the UK and pursuing their graduation or post-graduation courses. International students are concerned about a possible change to post-study work visas in the UK.

The PSW is the visa that students who complete their education in the UK get. Those with bachelor’s degrees will receive a two-year stay, whereas those pursuing a PhD have three more years!

The last time the PSW was scraped was in 2012 by the PM of the UK Theresa May. In 2019, it was reintroduced under Boris Johnson’s government tenure.

PSW was reintroduced due to a drop in students from Europe and Asia, However, with many new applicants taking up admissions over these past three years there’s anticipation as if they’ll be scraped away again!

A number of students who have recently completed their courses in the UK are planning to apply for Post study work visa which is a better option for ‘indefinite leave to remain’ in the United Kingdom.