For UK Student Visa, all applicants are to have a valid English-language proficiency score such as IELTS.

To study in the United Kingdom, you need a student visa. The type of your permit will depend on the age and type of course, the student is going to study in the UK. Students must first apply six months before the course starts. Before applying, each applicant needs to make sure they meet all of their requirements and documentation for the student visa.

Here’s everything you need to know about the UK Student Visa:

1. What is the Eligibility for the UK Student Visa?

A student must have an unconditional offer of place on course along with a licensed sponsor or confirmation of acceptance CAS reference number. The student must have English-language proficiency scores such as IELTS and financial proofs as well at their disposal to continue studying.

Students would need around £1,334/Month (For up to 9 Months) for London! If you’re studying outside London then amount will be a little low around £1,023/Month (For up to 9 Months).

2. What are the Documents Required for the UK Student Visa?

Make sure you have all of the required documents for a student visa in the UK. These include:

  • Passport
  • CAS Reference Number
  • Evidence of Funds
  • Assessment Documents

In addition to the required documents, you may also need some supporting materials for your visa application. These vary depending on what type of visa it is.

3. How to Apply for a UK Student Visa?

If you are planning to study in the UK, your first step is applying for a student visa online using Government’s official website Gov.UK. The application fee starts at £363 and £490 if needed by extension or switches from inside of the UK.