The United Kingdom has ramped up their visa processing to just 15 days, but due to high demand, the British High Commissioner is urging students to move quickly and apply as soon as possible. With the resumption of international travel came to an unexpected challenge: Visa delays. This obstacle threw the journey plans of countless students, workers and tourists into disarray as they had to wait several months for their visas in order to embark on trips abroad.

On Friday, Alex Ellis the British High Commissioner excitedly shared that through hard work and dedication from their team in Delhi as well as across their international visa network, they have achieved a major feat of processing visit visas to the UK within 15 days! After two months of hard work and dedication, the crew has achieved an amazing milestone through hard work.

Most cases can be resolved relatively quickly. If your visa application is more complicated than most, you can use our priority channel and we’ll have it processed within five days. So no matter the complexity of your situation, there’s an option to get through faster!

Alex Ellis – British High Commissioner

Students are advised to make the Process Fast

Next year’s student session is looking to be a busy one, with Ellis informing us of an influx in student visas!

With the high demand for visas, act quickly to secure your application and make sure all information is accurate. Don’t miss out on the chance of a lifetime!

Alex Ellis Advised

A report last month from the Office of National Statistics showed an exciting shift in the international student population: Indian students have overtaken Chinese as the largest foreign demographic studying in Britain. According to a report, visas granted for Indians shot up by 273% in just a few years.

Minister of State for External Affairs V Muraleedharan confirmed that until October this year, over 1 lakh 20 thousand Indian students have embarked on their educational journeys abroad in the UK.

He also said that over the past three years, UK higher education has seen an extraordinary surge in Indian students. In 2019, 36,612 thousand made their way to British universities; this number grew exponentially to 44,901 in 2020 and then 77,855 by 2021 – that’s over double from two years prior!

In an effort to bring down net migration from its record high, the Rishi Sunak government has proposed a sweeping set of measures. Reports suggest they are even considering a ban on foreign students outside those accepted to top universities