When South Africans come to the UK, they cannot get married while on a Visitor Visa.

The UK Marriage Visitor Visa has been specifically designed for those who want to come to register a civil partnership, get married, register a civil partnership in the UK or give notice of a civil partnership or an upcoming wedding.

You will not be able to stay or settle in the UK after your marriage or civil partnership while still on this Marriage Visitor Visa.

Immigrants looking forward to getting married in the UK should speak with an experienced consultant who can guide them through their immigration route if they eventually wish to settle in the UK.

Here are a few FAQs on the UK Marriage Visitor Visa:

How soon Can I Apply before Travelling and How Long be Able to Stay?

It is important to apply for your visa at least three months before you plan on visiting the UK. If approved, you will be able to stay for up to 6 months in the UK with the Marriage Visitor Visa. Your Marriage Visitor visa will then be valid from when it’s been approved.

While in the UK, can I Switch to another Type of Visa?

It is important to remember that while on a Marriage Visitor visa you cannot apply for or switch any other permit. If your intention is to move to the UK, we highly recommend speaking with an experienced consultant because for that you have to get back to your country and have to apply for new entry clearance.

Do I need to Prove that I will get married while on the Marriage Visitor Visa?

To start this process, you will have to provide documentation of your relationship as proof.

In order to support your application, you will have to provide additional documents that reveal the planned marriage or civil partnership and proof that you’ve paid at least partially the costs. You will have to provide documents that prove the date and location as well. This could include booking confirmations or any written correspondence between yourself and the venue representative.