The United Kingdom is planning to implement a new travel permit system called the Electronic Travel Authorisation, which will require visitors from around Europe and other countries worldwide to apply for permission beforehand.

The UK has announced that from 2024, some passengers will be able to enter the country exempted from using an electronic passport gate or speaking with Border Force officers. This new scheme intends for a ‘contactless’ border crossing which means you don’t have to stop at checkpoints.

Visitors to the United Kingdom will have a new way of reducing their waiting time. They must upload photos and send them in before going on vacation or they may not get into Britain at all!

Travelers will be subject to pre-screening, as the government says. This process aims to identify them before they enter another country using modern technology that can identify documents with unmatched accuracy!

“As Home Secretary, I have been focused on taking back control of our immigration system through my New Plan for Immigration. This includes ensuring we have a border that is fit for the 21st century, which allows travelers to get a visa and pass through the border easily while maintaining national security,” Priti Patel said.

The UK is implementing new technology that will allow visitors to travel without having physical checkups at the gate. In addition, international travelers must provide biographic and biometric details through an Electronic Travel Authorisation (ETA) scheme before boarding their flights or boats for England’s shores!

The Home Office has announced that from 2023, all travelers will need to apply for a visa or ‘Electronic Travel Authorisation.’ The UK and Irish passport holders are exempted from this requirement but everyone else can benefit by applying early enough before their trip!

Visitors from across Europe will have to apply for an ETA, which costs around €21. You’ll also need to submit biographic, biometric, and contact details as well as answer some questions.

Unlike a visa, this Permission will have the authority to make an individual eligible for travel. The ETA is similar in nature and purpose as ESTA which was introduced after the 9/11 attacks on American soil; it’s also known as “ Electronic System For Travel Authorization”.

The trial period for this new visa scheme begins on March 2023 and visitors from Kuwait, Qatar, UAE (United Arab Emirates), Saudi Arabia, and Oman will be able to experience it before it is rolled out globally at year’s end.