The Home Office has revealed that 12% more UK visit visas for Pakistani nationals were granted in the last year than was done so previously. A total of 32,706 applicants from Pakistan received permission to come into Britain with an approval rate of 67%, which is much higher than what it used to be before; this increase can likely be attributed largely due increased demand and popularity among citizens wishing to visit the UK for tourism, business meetings and to visit their families based in the UK.

The Home Office data also shows that Pakistanis have the single highest number of family visa applications (7432) granted in this period with an approval rate of 90%. Additionally, last year 6107 visas were issued to citizens from that country which had a 93% success rate. However, this has gone down by three percent currently at 90%.

The UK immigration data analysis shows that 21, 372 Pakistani students were granted visas to study at British educational institutions during the period from March 2021-March 2022. This is an increase over last year’s 8700 graduates who received these same benefits under a new graduate visa scheme which allows them to work in Britain for two years following graduation.

The Home Office has revealed that 6,513 work visas were issued to Pakistanis as well 4 847 skilled visitor visas in the same period. A spokesperson for UK Visa and Immigration (UKVI), stated they’ve taken various steps over recent months to streamline their application process.”