The United Kingdom is among the most desirable countries to live and work in. But it isn’t easy to secure a visa to live and work in the UK. Let’s find out UK Visa Eligibility in detail:

UK Tier 1 Visa

If you want to secure a UK visa, there are many ways that can be done. One of the most coveted categories is Tier 1 Visa and it’s perfect for those with relevant business experience or skills to run an existing company! To be eligible for this visa, you must invest £50K into an approved business and submit proof that it’s viable. You also get unlimited access to live, work or study anywhere in the UK!

UK Tier 1 visa holders can live in the UK for three years, after which they will be able to apply for Indefinite Leave To Remain (ILR). It also gives the right to bring family members and children under 18 years to the UK. This type of Visa application can take up to 8 weeks to get processed and granted from the day of application.

Other Visa Categories

There are a lot of other ways as well to get residency in the UK. You can apply under any of these categories:

  • Tier 1 and Tier 2
  • International Student and Research Fellow
  • Self Employed, Businessperson or Investor
  • A Highly Skilled Migrant
  • Representative of an Overseas News Agency, Newspaper, Broadcasting Organization or PR Agency
  • The Sole Representative of an Overseas Organization

The sole representative visa is a great way to establish your commercial presence in the UK. The holder of this type can live and work here for three years with their dependents.

Will buying a property in London, UK ensure a Residency Visa?

The United Kingdom is one of the fantastic places to live and whether you are a resident or not London is an incredible investment city in terms of property. If you’re a foreign national looking to buy property in the UK, there are no limitations on who can purchase. However, it is necessary that all eligibility requirements for residence within the UK.

In contrast to many other countries such as Colombia, UAE and Brazil, purchasing a property in the UK does not allow you any residency visas. This is because the UK has no such policy of offering residency visas to foreigners who purchase property in the UK. Your immigration status will not change just because you own some land! You must still go through all of the steps to obtain residency permits.

Entrepreneurship Visas and what are the requirements for getting them?

If you are an entrepreneur with experience in setting up innovative businesses, then this UK visa category for experienced businesspeople is perfect. To apply for an entrepreneurship visa, you must invest £50k minimum. Your company also needs to be viable, innovative and scalable enough to get approved by an endorsing body in the UK.

Eligibility rules for the UK Innovator Visa

To apply for an Innovator Visa, you need to meet these conditions:

  • At least 18 Years of Age
  • Access to £50K to Invest in your UK Business
  • A Business Idea Supported and Approved by Endorsing Body
  • Genuinely Intend to Undertake or Capable of Undertaking Work or Business Activity in the UK
  • Competent in the English Language to at least CEFR Level B2
  • At least £1270 to Support himself, along with £285 for a Dependent Partner plus £315 for 1st Child, and £200 for each Additional Child

What are the other routes to getting a UK Visa?

There are a number of ways that you can move to the UK and obtain visas for your stay. These include family visas, work visas, settlement visas, business visas, transit visas, study visas, refugee visas and visitor visas.