The UK is making it easier for international business owners to bring in skilled workers with a new visa. The Scale-up Visa will open on 22 August 2022 and allow fast-growing companies to access global talent from around the world!

The UK is making it easier for international tech talent to come and work in the country, through a new visa program. The Home Office has created three visas available under its suite of work permits: Scale-up Visa (for entrepreneurs), Start-Up Visas(for innovators) & Entrepreneur Biometrics Test Pilotships schemes – which will allow brilliant minds from around the world who want to start their own businesses here at home or hire talented people already living abroad!

This article takes an in-depth look at what we know so far about the new Scale-up route and outlines a variety of alternative immigration routes commonly used by tech companies.

The new Scale-up visa at a glance

The Home Office has yet to release official guidance on the Scale-up route, but it was outlined in a recent Statement of Changes published last March.

This government scheme is designed to allow talented individuals with high-skill jobs from qualifying scale-up businesses to come and work in the UK. The growth threshold for this route, which can bring people into our country legally over three years of steady progress has been set at 20% annually– meaning there are many opportunities available!

The Scale-up visa is a more flexible work permit that will only require individuals to be sponsored for the initial six months on this route. This enables UK businesses in need of internationally sought-after and skilled workers, like those who would take up an offer at your company or one of its competitors’ locations around the world; giving them another opportunity not just domestically but also abroad!

The Scale-up visa is a great opportunity for high-growth businesses that want to maintain their success in the UK. It’s not limited only to tech companies, but it has been anticipated by experts and government officials alike who expect these fast-growing startups will be some of those most frequently using this program as there are so many other thriving business sectors out there!