The Financial Times reported on Sunday that in a move to tackle chronic labour shortages in key industries, British Prime Minister Liz Truss will launch an official review of the country’s visa system.

The prime minister is planning on defying her anti-immigration cabinet colleagues by making changes in Visa system. The prime minister has announced that she will make changes in order for certain industries, such as broadband engineers and IT specialists from overseas., which are currently struggling with shortage of staff due too strict immigration rules.

There are proposals to loosen the requirement that workers speak English in some sectors so they can enter Britain more easily, according an official from Downing Street.

It is obvious that immigration rules will not be relaxed. The UK finance minister, Kwasi Kwarteng made this clear when he spoke to the BBC on Sunday and said The whole point about Brexit is that we need to control immigration in a way which works for the UK.

Kwarteng says that the interior minister will provide an update on additional occupations to come in soon, as he has announced this past Friday.

The Home Secretary has said that she will make a statement in the next few weeks. But we need to grow this economy!

The new Prime Minister has had little opportunity to flesh out her vision for the country, but she’s prepared take unpopular decisions as they seek stimulate economic growth.

According to the Financial Times report, The UK government is set to lift the cap on seasonal workers from abroad working in agriculture. This will make it easier for farmers who need help during peak seasons but cannot find enough locals.

Reuters reached out to Truss’ office but did not immediately receive a response.